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Morgantown Curling Club's curling sessions are open to curlers of all levels. Each sesson is a mix of scrimmage games and Learn to Curls to give everyone a chance to grow.  If you've curled or taken a Learn to Curl class, we will find you a place on the ice for a friemdly scrimmage. 


Total beginners will be placed in small groups for a Learn to Curl.   Learn to Curls are a great way to learn the sport. Each one and a half hour class teaches the the basics of the curling – including proper delivery, sweeping and basic strategy. For beginners, these sessions are ideal for date night or with a group of friends. Sessions are limited to 30 participants. 

September  8, 2023                         9:00-11:00pm

September  30, 2023                       9:00-11:00pm

October 14,  2023                            9:00-11:00pm

October 27,  2023                            9:00-11:00pm    

November  24, 2023                        9:00-11:00pm

TOWNIE CURL 12/23/23                 9:00-11:00pm

January 6, 2024                               9:00-11:00pm

February 16 2024                         9:00-11:00pm

March 2, 2024                               9:00-11:00pm 

March 15, 2024                                 9:00-11:00pm 

Learn to Curl classes are $50 (+ $3 electronic payment fee.) All equipment is provided.

Scrimmage sessions for experienced curlers (no instruction provided.)

No instruction sessions cost $40 (+ $3 electronic payment fee.)

Participants can also by cash the day of the event if they wish to avoid any fees.    

Club members receive 50% off one Learn to Curl (and $15 off each session.) 

Info on Club Memberships 


To register via Credit Card with PAYPAL click on the buttons above. (You must have a PayPal account to access this option.)


We also accept Venmo:

To register multiple participants please drop us an email and we can send you an invoice:


Life gets busy, schedules change. We understand. If you can not make a session that you registered for, we will be happy to RESCHEDULE you for a future session. 

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