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   Curling? in WV?

In a town or state that's never had a curling club, Morgantown Curling Club's main goal is to educate folk about the sport of curling. Our focus is to hold as many LEARN TO CURL sessions as possible in 2021/22.  With enough educated curlers in town, we hope to have leagues form in the Fall of 2022, 

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How to help

This new club started in 2019 with tons of community support. Thanks to all of our donors that have made this club a reality. Curling stones are very expensive and are not easy to transport. Equipment and ice time all come at a price. Donations are a crucial lifeline to the success of this club. 


If you would like to donate to the club, you can do so a few ways:

Join our club with our BOOSTER level membership. (Get 50% off our Learn to Curl session and a FREE bumper sticker.)

                        via PAYPAL  

OR send an email if you'd like to volunteer.